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Custom Sporting represents the finest hunting and fishing destinations around the world with a special emphasis on South American and European wingshooting.  Founded by international wingshooting authority, David Bodai, Custom Sporting has exclusive partnerships with luxury hunting lodges in Argenitna, Bolivia, Uruguay and with Jagd Stiedl of Europe.  For more information on Custom Sporting destinations, click on the links below or visit our CONTACT page to request a free consultation.


Argentina Flyways

Dove Hunting


For years, Los Chanares, Sierra Brava and Posta del Norte have been considered the “best of the best” when it comes to Argentina dove hunting.  In 2010, we were honored to have Los Chanares and Sierra Brava become the first (and only) hunting lodges outside of the US endorsed by Beretta’s prestigious Trident Program. Later in 2010, we purchased and renovated Posta del Norte, making it the newest member of the Flyways family. In 2011, owner and outfitter David Perez created Flyways as the umbrella company covering Argentina’s most exclusive line of wingshooting lodges.


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- 5-minute drives to the fields


- Best bang for the buck


- Perfect for private parties

Argentina & Uruguay

Duck, Dove, Pigeon & Perdiz


Custom Sporting offers nothing less than the finest  duck and mixed-bag hunting programs in Argentina and Uruguay. There are four commonly hunted birds in Argentina and Uruguay - dove, duck, pigeon and perdiz. Doves and pigeons can be shot year-round (NOTE - pigeons are typically best from May - October). Combos including ducks and perdiz are available from May - August. Custom Sporting offers two-feather, three-feather and four-feather combination hunts. We even have lodges that combine BIG GAME with world-renowned wingshooting...the possibilities are endless. You'll find many outfitters and agencies that advertise great mixed-bag hunting – Custom Sports DELIVERS.


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- All Duck Programs


- Duck, Dove, Pigeon & Perdiz


- Luxury Lodges






Global Spotlight

US, Mexico & Eastern Europe


Check out Custom Sporting's spotlight destinations featuring select wingshooting operations with the highest consumer and critic ratings.  From wild pheasant hunting in South Dakota to mixed-bag shooting in Mexico and Eastern Europe's most exclusive driven shoots, these Custom Sporting destinations represent the best of the best!  Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact Custom Sporting for more of the world's top hunting and fishing destinations.


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- Mexico dove, duck & quail


- S. Dakota wild pheasants


- E. Europe estate shooting

David Z. Bodai

Custom Sporting


David Bodai is the founder of Custom Sporting, a highly specialized marketing and consultation company with a focus on worldwide wingshooting. David has hunted at, and critiqued, over 60 places in Argentina alone as well as several places in Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, the United States and Europe.  He offers the kind of objective advice that only comes from wide-ranging experience in the field.  Since 2005, David has been working with South America's most exclusive lodges, Jagd Stiedl and other top-tier outfitters to bring US and worldwide wingshooters the very best of international bird hunting. For bookings and wingshooting consultations contact David Bodai at 512-534-0102 (US Direct) or by email at - [email protected]

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