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JAGD STIEDL, Bird Hunting in Hungary

The driven pheasant shooting and duck hunting in Hungary have a long and rich history, but until the mid 20th Century wingshooting was generally reserved for Europe’s royalty and aristocracy.  In the 1950’s, legendary Austrian hunter and adventurer Johannes Stiedl II began organizing exclusive driven pheasant shooting trips for select groups of privileged international sportsmen.  Today, with the help of his family and a staff of dedicated professionals, the Stiedl hunting empire has grown to span all of Europe with a special emphasis on hunting in Hungary, Slovakia & the Czech Republic.  Simply put, there are no other outfitters in Europe that can match the experience and hunting quality offered by JAGD STIEDL.

Driven Pheasant Shooting

Oct 15 to Jan 31


Widely regarded as the “ultimate bird hunting experience,” driven pheasant shooting tests the skills of even the most seasoned and dedicated shotgunners. Complimenting the intrinsic challenge, driven pheasant shooting is also incredibly rewarding and intensely exhilarating.  For more than 60 years, JAGD STIEDL has managed and orchestrated Hungary’s most revered pheasant shooting estates. Read More

Flighted Duck

Aug15 to Dec 31


The flighted duck hunting in Hungary is perhaps the best in all of Europe.  High-flying mallards reach speeds in excess of 70 kilometers per hour and offer an entirely unique shooting experience.  Adding flighted duck to your hunting program is easy and can be done from a number of JAGD STIEDL hunting castles. Read More

Upland Birds

Oct 01 to Jan 31


Classically trained pointing and flushing dogs, along with JAGD STIEDL’s master guides, provide spectacular upland hunting in northern Hungary.  Upland birds can be combined with driven shoots, small game and big game hunting. Read More

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