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Since 1950, JAGD STIEDL hunters have enjoyed unparalleled experiences both in and out of the field.  It has always been our goal to make the time spent at our lodges and hunting castles as memorable as the hunting itself.  Our caring and charismatic staff is famous for providing world-class service and personal attention.  At all JAGD STIEDL hunting estates, guests are treated to gourmet European and international cuisine and fine wines.  We have a number of luxurious hunting castles, boutique hunting estates and cabin outposts throughout Hungary.  Each place is special and unique with easy access to the best hunting in Hungary.  Some of our lodging options are best suited for corporate entertaining and large hunting parties while others are better for romantic couples’ trips and smaller hunting parties.  Click Here for Google Map of Hungary’s Top Hunting Estates  Below are select JAGD STIEDL hunting castles, manor houses and cabins.

Eagle Castle

Bird & Big Game


Built in 1827, in part to serve as a hunting estate for noble Hungarian families, Eagle Castle has a rich and storied history.  The castle is ideally situated in the beautiful northern hills of Hungary, with easy access to a number of the country’s best hunting grounds.  In 1998 Eagle Castle was entirely renovated and modernized, but the original old-world charm remains perfectly preserved. Read More

Pronay Castle

Bird & Big Game


The Prónay Castle of Alsópetény was constructed in the 18th Century and has been home to a number of Hungarian lords and nobles over the years.  Largely abandoned during the Soviet reign, a ten-year renovation project restored its unique beauty and unmistakable character.  The castle is just minutes away from some of most coveted hunting in Hungary. Read More

Villa Laszlo

Bird & Big Game

Only two and a half hours from Vienna and only 40 minutes from downtown Budapest, Manor House Villa Laszlo sits on a boutique working vineyard with spectacular views of Lake Velence.  This luxurious hunter’s mansion is ideal for family groups, corporate entertaining and large hunting parties. Read More

Chateau Bercel

Bird & Big Game


Chateau Bercel dates back to 1889 when it was the home of the former Governor of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Beni Kallay.  Over the years, Chateau Bercel has hosted countless hunting parties for government dignitaries and Hungarian nobles.  After its 1997 renovation, Bercel opened to the public as an exclusive retreat and hunting estate. Read More

Szirak Castle

Bird & Big Game


Szirak Castle – originally known as the Teleki-Degenfeld Castle – was built in 1748. Through the years, the castle was used by privileged hunters due to its proximity to many of Hungary’s best bird and big game hunting areas.  Today, the castle is used by JAGD STIEDL for driven pheasant shooting, upland hunting and select big game species. Read More

Sidonia Castle

Big Game Only


Sidonia is one of Hungary’s best big game hunting castles.  Situated just minutes from the Austrian border,  the castle offers easy access to a number of big game species including red stag, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon and more. Read More

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